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Bankruptcy Services

At Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc., we provide multiple services such as: bankruptcy services, consumer proposal, debt consolidation, credit counselling and corporate debt services

Our Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy Services

When it comes to providing world-class bankruptcy services, we at Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc., want you to know that the process of bankruptcy in Canada is a serious process and we have the expertise to guide individuals and companies through the process. Yes, it can be a stressful time, but we will hold your situation in the utmost confidence and make sure that you understand your rights. Whether you need personal bankruptcy help, or help with your company, we’ve got the answers that you need.

Consumer Proposal

Consumer proposal in Ontario is often a wise decision because in most cases it does not affect your credit for the same amount of time as bankruptcy. Essentially it allows you to consolidate your debts and make one monthly payment. Often, you can negotiate your creditors as well so that you end up owing less debt overall. We are experts in consumer proposals and encourage you to reach out to start a conversation.

Debt Consolidation

When credit card debt and other high interest loans to get out of control, sometimes it is a good idea to consolidate your debts. All of your debts will be rolled into one lower monthly payment with a lower interest rate. The difference between paying 7% interest on a consolidation loan and 28% interest on a credit card can really add up over time and save you thousands of dollars. While you end up paying the full amount of your debt, can still help you manage your monthly payments significantly.

Credit Counselling - Budgeting

The majority of people in our society have not been prepared for the financial obligation of today’s economy. Why is that? Because it is not the focus of our school system, nor is it the focus of many parents. In fact in many households, talking about money is taboo. We are certified credit counsellors and we can share with you that many people do not understand how to deal with their financial obligations. Reach out to us and let us help you learn good money management strategies.

Corporate Debt

Businesses are not immune to racking up debt. In fact, statistics show that in the first five years of business, the majority of companies do not survive. The reason for this is debt. Without cash flow, companies get further and further behind and eventually get overwhelmed with debt and interest payments. Our bankruptcy trustees can evaluate the best course of action to take for your business.

CRA Collections

The Canada Revenue Agency is like any other creditor, they will aggressively pursue any unpaid debts from either individuals or businesses. The CRA Collections department can be relentless in their pursuit, but we are experts in dealing with the CRA and we encourage you to have a conversation with us to learn some very important rules on dealing the CRA. Click this link for more information about CRA Collections Help.

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