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Debt Help Services

Do You Require Debt Help Services?

Here’s a debt story that may sound familiar.

David is an executive in the power grid industry. At 52 years of age, he had earned a good living giving 30 years of service to an industry he loved. Now, you’d think that someone who earns $200,000 a year should be set for life.  Keep reading to find out what happens. What if something unexpected happened where you lost all your assets?

After 25 years of marriage, David and his spouse decided it was time to divorce. Though they agreed in principal, it turned out to be a contemptuous settlement. For an unknown reasons to David and his lawyer, the presiding judge showed bias towards David’s wife, and to him seemed like “the judgement was “unfair.” Regardless of the unfairness, it was a devastating blow to David’s finances.

Watch this video of David’s Story…

Even though David’s wife was a Chartered Accountant with an equal salary to his, and worked during the entire marriage, the courts awarded two thirds of David’s income and all of their shared assets to his ex-wife. It was not split 50/50 as he had expected. The house, the cars, his life savings, everything went to his ex wife including the the cottage inherited from his mother. In addition to that, he had to pay for his 2 kids university tuition entirely on his own.

So his $200,000, while seemingly adequate, after tax, paying out lawyer fees, settlement fees and family expenses, there was literally less than nothing left.  And, there was no more money left over to even fight the judgement. He moved into an $800/mth rental unit outside of the GTA, drove a 17 year old car that he paid $1,000 cash for and dramatically decreased his lifestyle. The judgement caused extreme financial duress. He felt ashamed when he had to ask to borrow from friends and family to meet his financial obligations. At the end of the day, no matter how he did the math, his salary would never meet the basic needs of the legal judgement. He had no choice but to finally give us a call.  We agreed, it was time to advise him about our debt help services and explore his options.

This is one of these cases where circumstances out of our control really cause a significant amount of financial duress.  While stressed out and skeptical, David began the process with us of simply listening to how debt settlement really works in this country. We explored many debt relief options, ran some numbers, and at the same time addressed the pain points in his life.

  1. For example, would debt consolidation make it easier for him to manage his bill payments?

  2. Would he feel comfortable with a lump sum arrangement he could count on?

  3. Would it help him if we dealt with the government and negotiate his arrears?

  4. How would he feel if he was all free and debt free in 7 years? A clean slate?

What was the final outcome?

  1. We chose consumer proposal as the best debt option.

  2. Within 3 years David is completely debt free and now able to rebuild his credit.

  3. David fell in love again and got married last summer.

  4. He entered the new partnership debt free with very good restored credit.

  5. This past January, they bought a house together.

  6. His two sons graduated from University.. It took 5 years, but he won a new judgement that set him free from an unjust settlement.

  7. We are very happy to say we were there at such a low point in his life. David realized he could no longer push the boulder up the hill on his own. He got help at the very time that he needed it.

If David’s story is in any way similar to yours, you need to know that we are here to remind you that your financial pain is temporary. Once David got the proper footing, he was able to focus on what he did want.  All turned out well in the end. But he needed a bit of guidance to get him there.

1 (844) GTA-DEBT (482-3328)

Talk to us… Call us.

We have several offices to choose from, and Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc are Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Toronto.  We offer debt help services & expert advice. Let’s see how your numbers add up, and how we can help you get the proper footing so you have the strength to reach the next important benchmark in your life!

Let us focus on what you DON’T want, so that YOU can focus on what you DO want!

Are you leaning toward bankruptcy and/or consumer proposal?

Or, you are not quite sure what your options are right now?

Carrying a load of debt is like being chained to a heavy load. It’s not easy to push a boulder up a hill alone. It’s much easier to with the right team who knows how to do it with a lot less pain and effort.  We know it’s not easy to talk about debt, so we take it one step at a time.

When you call us, we guarantee you 100% privacy. We listen to you and your story. Then, we’ll begin a process that we’ve done many times before; start to unchain you of some of the heavy burdens that are weighing you down. We will:

  1. Stop nasty creditor phone calls.

  2. End all creditor actions.

  3. Eliminate debt and start rebuilding your net worth.

  4. Stop cra tax actions.

  5. Stop wage garnishees.

  6. Help you get a fresh start.

The next step in the process is to help you focus on what you do want in your life. Things like:

  1. Relief knowing you are in good hand.

  2. Debt is finally being taken care of.

  3. Help with your budget, so you can be in control once again.

  4. Re-establish financial stability.

  5. Re-establish good credit so you can build the assets you want in your life.

  6. Peace of mind.

The number 1 Action you could take right now to change your circumstances is to…

Book a Free Consult with our debt help services division.

You’ll be glad you reached out.

  1. You’ll Pay Off Debt Faster

  2. Secure Lower Interest Rates

  3. Stop Collection Calls.

There are many ways to get rid of debt. But it can be tough to get the solution you need right now.

  1. If you have tried to extend your line of credit, but the bank said no, give us a call.

  2. If you tried to remortgage your house, but the lenders said no, give us a call.

  3. If you tried to settle your debts, but didn’t get the desired outcome, give us a call.

Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc has been helping people just like you for more than 20 years. If you are in a state of “not knowing” what is best for you at this time, give us a call.

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